ACTU Energy Workers Parliamentary Lobby Round


The ASU was invited to attend  ACTU Energy Workers Parliamentary Lobby Round which was held on Wednesday 19th September 2018 coinciding with this lobbying the ASU also held its National Energy Industry Committee on Thursday 20th September 2018 in Canberra.

A delegation from across the Country made up of workers, delegates and officials to Canberra with the intent to speak to a number of ALP MP’s to create as much support as possible for a commitment to a Just Transition Authority. The ASU Vic/Tas was represented by ASU Organiser Cameron Wright and ASU delegate Mark Pettigrew who works at AGL Loy Yang A.

The main message that our delegation was putting across was the need to address the current chaos that has been created due to having no clear National Energy Policy and the stress and anxiety it has caused for the future of workers in the Industry.

The other concerns that were discussed were the impact that the recent closures at Hazelwood and Port Augusta has had on their communities and the lack of well paid and secure jobs in the renewable market.

With the creation of the proposed Authority it will go a long way to providing certainty for workers into the future.

Workers see the Authority as having three main responsibilities:

  • Overseeing an orderly transition for Australia’s coal-fired power plants, which ensures a Just Transition for workers, their families and communities. 
  • Overseeing an industry-wide multi-employer pooling and redeployment scheme which provides retrenched workers with the opportunity to transfer to roles with renewable or low emission generators as well as remaining fossil fuel generators.
  • Administering and developing a labour adjustment package that supports workers transition into new, decent and secure jobs.

ALP MP’s that our delegation spoke to were:

  • Mike Kelly MP
  • Andrew Leigh MP
  • Senator Chisholm 
  • Senator Cameron 
  • Joel Fitzgibbon MP
  • Senator McAllister
  • Jim Chalmers MP
  • Mark Butler MP
  • Pat Conroy MP
  • Ged Kearney MP

Other prominent people our delegation spoke to were Bill Shorten’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Energy Advisor, Michele O’Neil-ACTU President and Bob Taylor-CEO Energy Skills Australia.

The ASU will continue to advocate on behalf of our members working in the Energy Industry to keep them in meaningful, well paid secure work which in turns protects the communities in which they live.

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