More stop work action at City of Melbourne


The Australian Services Union says members will continue with work bans across the City of Melbourne as management refuse to meet to agree upon a fair Enterprise Agreement for its staff.

ASU Organiser Ty Lockwood said the ASU had offered to meet with management every day to resolve the outstanding issues before work bans again kicked off over the Grand Final weekend.

“We have reached out to meet in our attempt to further negotiations before any planned industrial action commenced this week. Since last week, the City of Melbourne haven't made one attempt to meet with the ASU negotiating team before Thursday’s formal meeting.”

“Therefore, the two-hour stop work meeting for all ASU members across the whole of Council will continue as planned outside Town Hall from 3.30pm today. There will also be a protest walk along Swanson St from Bourke to Flinders St. During this time, tram services will be disrupted.

“The ASU and its members apologise to all people affected by the protest, but we feel this is one of the few ways we have to get management's attention. Any affected people can contact City of Melbourne CEO Martin Cutter or Lord Mayor Robert Doyle to convince them to get this EA finalised and limit any more industrial action affecting the city.”

“Staff has universally rejected a sub-standard offer put forward by management. As we have mentioned all along, this is about an employee’s right to procedural fairness and having the ability to appeal a management decision should they disagree with it, particularly with regards to disciplinary outcomes.”

PLEASE NOTE: Industrial action - put in place from Thursday (September 29) - will include parking officers not enforcing green signs across the city over one of the busiest weekends in Melbourne, which includes the AFL Grand Final Parade on Friday, September 30, and the AFL Grand Final on Saturday, October 1.

Where: Melbourne Town Hall, followed by a protest along Swanston St
When: Between 3.30-5.30pm today
What: Stop work meeting for ASU members at City of Melbourne

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