City of Melbourne workers to walk off the job


Workers at the City of Melbourne (CoM) will walk off the job for two hours tomorrow as Enterprise Agreement negotiations continue to stall thanks to management’s reluctance to come back to the bargaining table.

ASU Organiser Ty Lockwood said workers have had enough of tactics used by CEO Martin Cutter and his team, highlighting their unwillingness to bargain in good faith for the betterment of Council’s hard-working staff.

“The stop work meetings are a last resort after City of Melbourne’s CEO Martin Cutter made a decision to dock members a full day’s pay because CoM wasn’t going to recognise ‘partial bans’ as described in the Fair Work Act 2009. This decision shows the CEO is keen on punishing his employees with the heaviest penalties possible for simply exercising their workplace rights.”
“Two weeks ago, parking officers taking Industrial action were locked out for three days and further action is looming if management don’t attempt to come back to the bargaining table.”
“We encourage the CEO to stop wasting time and get back to the table to sort out this mess, rather than continuing to waste ratepayers’ money on expensive lawyers fighting the rights of employees. We believe CoM may be making a tilt at putting this agreement out to employees again without the endorsement of the unions involved, and we think that would be a foolish move.”

“Tomorrow’s two-hour stop work meeting will show the City of Melbourne that their employees are serious about getting this Enterprise Agreement resolved. We wish CoM management had as much passion and willingness to resolve the dispute in the interest of the community and their staff.”

Where:     Melbourne Town Hall, 120 Swanston St
When:     Tuesday, September 6, 3-5pm
What:     Two-hour stop work meeting by ASU members working at City of Melbourne

For more information, please contact ASU Organiser Ty Lockwood

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