The Yarra Ranges Dynamic Duo!


Meet Gayl Lyons (left) and Sabrina Smith (right) ASU Home Care delegates from Yarra Ranges.

Gayl has been at Council for 33 years and has been a delegate since 1994. Gayl remembers the time of compulsory competitive tendering (CCT) and how under represented her special needs home care team was. When the local delegate left, Gayl saw that has an opportunity to join the ASU team and conintue the fight for better wages and conditions.

Gayl has remained an active delegate in the Home Care area because of her love for the challenges that come with activism and because she feels good when she is accomplishing good outcomes for ASU members.

Sabrina story is very similar after joining Council 25 years ago. Sabrina is a long term and committed delegate and has been part of many enterprise agreement negotiations.

Sabrina looked back on the CCT era and remembered all of the conditions that were stripped from the Home Carers at that time, such as overtime rates and travel time. As an activist she has contributed to getting the wages and conditions back to where they were over 20 years ago.

The value of carers and the services they provde is something that keeps Sabrina fighting the good fight. Sabrina understands how daunting meeting with management can be and is always there for ASU members.

Together Gayl and Sabrina have been able to achieve some great outcomes for ASU members. Experience in bargaining and knowledge of the Enterprise Agreement have been a pivitol part in maintaining above award wages and conditions.

They are both concened about the state of the aged care funding, implementation of the NDIS and losing clients through these changes. They support the ASU’s campaign and are keen to see what the upcoming Home Care meetings with ASU have in stall for their collegaues. Yarra Ranges recently started negotiations with Home Care being the first schedule up for changes – watch this space for update on those negotiations !

Sabrina and Gayl’s top tips:

  • If you don’t join, we cant help you
  • Never go to a meeting with management on your own
  • If you are being asked to respond to an issue try to be specific and don’t “babble” on

Great advice to abide by out in the workplace.

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