Internal or External Job Ads First?


When an Enterprise Agreement clause is used by delegates to hold Council to account we should celebrate these wins!

Enterprise agreements are about more than just pay increases, where there is strong Union membership and active delegates there are some of the best clauses that protect your rights and ensure a fairer workplace.

A recent example of this was shown at a Metropolitan Council, in relation to a clause on vacancy management, the clause notes:

“Vacant/new positions will be initially advertised to internal staff, including contractors/agency labour hire employees who have been engaged with the Employer greater than three (3) months at the time the role is advertised for a minimum of seven (7) days. Simultaneous internal and external advertising may occur where it is reasonably evidenced that suitable internal applicants may not be identified for particular position.”

When this Metropolitan Council moved to advertised positions externally alarm bells rang for delegates. Delegates knew there were internal staff already backfilling those roles and management had skipped a very important step, that is clearly laid out in the enterprise agreement.

After consulting with an ASU organiser to ensure they were on the right track, delegates requested a meeting with the area manager to get the process back in line with the EA.

The outcome? A Win!

The externally advertised positions have since been pulled and are set to be advertised internally first. This could only have been achieved through the hard work of the experienced local delegates who had involvement with negotiating the Enterprise Agreement and hold knowledge of the clauses.


  • Active delegates provide stronger and fairer outcomes for workers
  • Knowledge & understanding of the Enterprise Agreement is crucial when holding management to account
  • Strong union membership leads to better working conditions for your workplace

What you can do to achieve clauses like this?

  • Sign up a non-member to increase density at your workplace
  • Become an activist and advocate for these conditions in your workplace
  • Get to know your agreement outside of the bargaining period

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