In late 2018 ASU Delegates walked out of several consecutive monthly consultative committee meetings to protest their Union Organiser being kicked out after the council had decided years earlier that they would not let Organisers attend. This was difficult to do because there was a lot to consult about at the time, but they would not allow their employer to deny them proper representation.

Many serious and often complex matters are discussed at consultative committee meetings, which is why employers are represented by well trained and experienced HR officers.

While ASU delegates are trained and experienced, they have their own day jobs, so they often rely on the support from their Union Organiser to navigate policy and legal matters.

It took three years and a prolonged and heated round of bargaining, but last week ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor accompanied delegates to the first consultative committee meeting held in three years. And the first with a full-time ASU official in almost half a decade.

It’s frustrating to have to fight so hard to ensure basic industrial rights are upheld, but we applaud those tenacious delegates for never taking a backward step, and for showing yet again that the ASU will not stop fighting to ensure ASU members are properly represented.

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