The ASU met again today with GWW management about RDOs for ex-WW workers, and we believe that we’re back on track. As such we’re encouraging everyone to VOTE YES on the current ballot.

The agreement creates a version of the CWW WLB clause that is much more aligned with the WW clause.

This is how it’ll work:

  1. The CWW Clause is the operational clause – this forms the basis for the process for WLB days for ex-Western Water workers.
  2. The eligibility criteria for accessing WLB days will not apply – this removes all eligibility requirements.
  3. An employee can continue to apply and take the RDO in the manner they did so whilst employed at WW, subject to operational requirements – this means that however you previously accessed and used RDOs continues for WLB days. If there are multiple people off when you’re applying, you might have to change the day, but that’s just common practice.
  4. Where a peak period is operationally determined by GWW, employees can defer up to 3 RDO’s during these peak periods and subsequently take them at a time where approved by the manager – so when GWW say ‘This is a peak period’, you have the opportunity to bank up to 3 WLB days and take them later.
  5. Employees will accrue WLB days on the basis of a 38 hour working week and will only accrue WLB days during periods of time worked and not whilst on leave – whilst at WW you may have accrued RDOs while on leave, this is the one RDO element that won’t carry across from WW.

A yes vote locks in this and other conditions between now and the next enterprise agreement in 2023.

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