ASU Delegate at Greater Western Water Damien Frankling has the following message for you:

Hi all,

The ballot to change from the WW EA to the CWW EA is underway!

 A few things to remember:

  • This process includes the provision of IFAs (Individual Flexibility Agreements). The proposal briefing pack sent to all ex-Western Water staff yesterday morning, lays out the agreements made re RDOs, fortnightly pay etc. These are the items that the ASU took to management on your behalf.
  • Challenging your classification levels and banding sits separately to the EA transition process, and is not limited by the ballot. That is, you can challenge your classification and banding at any time pre or post ballot outcome.


The ASU supports a Yes vote on this ballot. Through sustained work by your delegates and organisers, GWW has agreed to maintain the conditions of ex-Western Water staff transitioning the CWW EA. These include RDO arrangements, call-out pay, cars and phones, and more. For the full list of conditions maintained, see this ASU update from December 9th.

Remember – any worker can query or challenge their classification or banding level at any time. These are not limited by the EA transition process.

For assistance with this or other matters, get in touch with your delegate or
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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