Casual staff are critical to the success of Geelong Regional Library Corporation.

Every day, casuals step in to fill shifts, serve the public, cover staff illness, set up for venue hire clients, staff the Heritage Centre and run library programs, often with only a moment’s notice.

Without casual staff being there every time they’re needed – ready to go to any library branch, from Lara to Torquay – GRLC could not function.

Now, however, when casuals most need support from GRLC, it has not been provided. Since 31 March, more than 50 casual staff have lost all shifts at GRLC, and all income. This has had a devastating impact on their finances, careers and lives.

Other Victorian library services such as Goldfields Library Corporation have chosen to support their casual workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic by guaranteeing their wages for the next six months.

As the best library service in the state, GRLC should be doing the same, and providing alternate duties and high-quality training and professional development to all casual staff, so that they can return to a reopened library service motivated, supported, and better trained than ever before.

After several large union meetings of GRLC staff, the ASU will be campaigning vigorously for the rights of GRLC’s casual employees. We will be mobilising public support behind GRLC’s casual workforce to secure the just and fair treatment that they, and all workers, deserve.

For more information please contact your ASU delegates or
ASU Organiser Austin Fabry |

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