Happy New Year!

The official access period for the EA commences tomorrow. During this period, you’ll be provided with information about the EA and the changes.

Following this, the vote of employees will start on 27 January and close on 3 February. We encourage all members vote yes in this ballot!


The vote is the last step in a long fight for fair pay and conditions at GRLC. Congratulations to delegates and members on a fantastic EA outcome!

As a result of your activism and solidarity, you won:

  1. Pay increases backdated to 2020 that range from 4.77% for Band 3A workers to 1.38% at Band 8 and increases of 2% in 2022 and 2023.
  2. No loss or undermining of any existing conditions
  3. Sunday and late-night penalty rates for Venue Hire staff, for the first time ever
  4. 5pm closure of all libraries on Easter Thursday, Christmas Eve and NYE, with full wages paid out to all staff normally rostered to work after 5pm
  5. Strict limits on the use of short-term contracts
  6. A free taxi service to take all GLHC staff to their parked cars after 8pm in non-daylight saving months
  7. Three-hour minimum shifts, with very limited exceptions
  8. 20 days paid gender transition leave per year
  9. A six-month trial of an all-day security guard presence at GLHC
  10. Two paid 15-minute tea breaks per seven-hour day written into the EBA and guaranteed for all staff
  11. The right of junior shelvers to be paid adult wages when they complete Year 12, rather than when they turn 21


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