The merger of Western Water and City West Water has raised serious concerns about outsourcing at the new water authority.

The results of outsourcing are always the same; over time, wages and conditions fall as do the quality of services provided to customers. The one thing that won’t fall will be the cost to customers.

The ASU has a strong position that essential public services should be delivered by workers employed in the public sector.

The ASU is a union that takes on the challenges on the horizon on behalf of members. And we are not going to wait until outsourcing is announced to mobilise.

So we have already written to water minister Lisa Neville and to all state politicians in the areas covered by Western Water and City West Water.

Our letter was clear. The ASU will not sit by as jobs are outsourced through the merger to create Greater Western Water.

But we aren’t stopping with a letter to the minister, ASU delegates and officials are now setting up meetings with politicians to brief them on our concerns about potential job losses.

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