A number of ASU members at Greater Western Water had advised us that they’ve been dragged into disciplinary meetings and been denied union representation when they requested it.

We have let GWW Managing Director Maree Lang know that we are aware of this and will not tolerate any further instances. See our letter to Maree here.

If you are invited to a meeting where allegations are likely to be made against you, we advise the following course of action:

  1. If you want representation, notify the meeting organiser that you will be arranging an ASU Representative to attend and that the meeting may need to be postponed to accommodate their attendance; and
  2. Notify your ASU Delegate or Organiser. If you don’t know who they are, contact the ASU Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 or info@asuvictas.com.au and ask for assistance to arrange representation or receive advice.

Remember that the ASU is by your side when things get tough at work, and we’re here to make sure your rights are upheld and that the proper process is followed.

For further information or to become a delegate please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 | tsullivan@asuvictas.com.au

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