ASU Officials met yesterday with GWW representatives about changes in conditions from the WW agreement to the CWW agreement. After extensive back and forth facilitated by ex-Fair Work Commissioner Anna Lee Cribb, the ASU secured GWW’s commitment to:

  1. CWW Availability Allowance paid for all Field Services and Operators
  2. All call-outs paid for Field Services, and SCADA call-outs paid for Operators
  3. RDO arrangements maintained
  4. Fortnightly pay cycle maintained
  5. 16 weeks parental leave for all
  6. Arrangements relating to cars, laptops and phones maintained, with capacity to opt in to new policy if it’s better
  7. Workers at the top of band on the WW EA won’t be on the bottom of band on the CWW EA
  8. Where a classification dispute is raised by a worker, GWW will show how they made the classification decision
  9. IFAs in place until a new Enterprise Agreement is secured (2023)
  10. Disputes about the above items can involve Anna Lee Cribb as facilitator for resolution

Soon there’ll be a vote on accepting these conditions as part of the Enterprise Agreement Alignment process. The ASU recommends a Yes vote on this process, so that impacted members can take advantage of the maintained and improved conditions.

Though the changes mostly impact ex-Western Water workers, this gives all members a better base to start from when the Enterprise Agreement is next negotiated.

This win occurred because union members raised their voices about proposed drops in conditions. Ask a colleague to join the ASU today via

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Tim Sullivan | 0475 888 168 |

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