ASU Delegates and officials have made it clear to GWW that the commitments made by the State Government that there will be no job losses and that no member will be worse off are to be honoured.  The ASU believes that this commitment also includes having conditions that are included in an enterprise agreement and not in an unenforceable MOU (memorandum of understanding).

The following are a list of matters that the ASU has raised with GWW recently.

  • GWW attempting to compel former WW staff to move to the CWW EA.
  • The ASU rejects the use of an MOU as a mechanism to maintain entitlements for WW members that are presently under their EA.
  • ASU field services members at a meeting on Thursday August 5 unanimously passed the following motion “ASU members at the former Western Water do not agree to have any of our conditions contained in a MOU and demand that all wages and conditions are contained within an enterprise agreement”.
  • The standardisation of pay rates to only occur after genuine consultation and in the context of comparative roles and experience.
  • Members, please note that calls made on a GWW fixed phone, can be recorded, and may be listened to, if this a customer call or not. GWW may and have used these recordings for purposes deemed not for coaching and quality reasons. At present, it appears that GWW no longer has a policy on call and screen recording and nothing protecting staff from having call recordings used against them.

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