The ASU has received notification from City of Greater Shepparton of a preliminary decision to put the council parking function out to tender.

This advice was received by the ASU on the 8 January, and states that employees in the Parking Team may be impacted by the review of the service, and that putting the service out to public tender is the best decision for council going forward.

Council is denying that a final decision has been made but the ASU has serious concerns that the consultation process is not genuine and this decision is a fait accompli.

As a result, the ASU has put this matter into formal dispute under the Best Value and Consultation clauses of the Greater Shepparton City Council Enterprise Agreement 2017.

Obligations to Consult.
Impacted union members are entitled to a full understanding of the effects the proposal may have, are provided all the relevant information about the nature of the change and what measures the employer has taken to mitigate adverse effects. There is also a requirement that the employer give prompt consideration to matters raised by the employees.

The council has extended the consultation period until Friday February 1 2019 so the ASU can consult with members.

ASU Lead Organiser Ty Lockwood has requested a meeting with affected members  for Wednesday 23 January 2019. Once council has confirmed we will begin notifying members.

If any ASU members at the City of Greater Shepparton have any information or queries about the potential tendering out of the council parking function, or something similar in your own department please contact:

ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570 |

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