Media Release


Secure local jobs at the City of Greater Shepparton are under threat with the council making a ‘preliminary decision’ to put the council parking function out to tender.

The Australian Services Union, representing workers who undertake the council’s parking function, was notified last week of the ‘preliminary decision’

This advice stated that employees in the City of Greater Shepparton parking team may be impacted by the review of the service, and claimed putting the service out to public tender is the best decision for council.

ASU Executive President Billy King said the council is denying a final decision has been made but the ASU has serious concerns that the consultation process is not genuine and this decision is a fait accompli.

“The City of Greater Shepparton is making the jobs of dedicated council employees insecure and that is bad for the whole city,” Mr King said.

“The ASU has serious concerns that the City of Greater Shepparton has not met its obligations to employees.”

“Because of our serious concerns, the ASU has put this matter into formal dispute under the Best Value and Consultation clauses of the Greater Shepparton City Council Enterprise Agreement 2017.”

The ASU has formally requested a meeting with the City of Greater Shepparton about the proposal to tender out jobs at the City.

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