ASU Members at City of Greater Geelong (and other supporters from the Geelong region) will be meeting in Transvale Square to share a barbecue lunch and talk about what’s wrong in Geelong, and how we’re going to fix it.

This is a chance to remind CoGG management that their loyal and valuable staff are what makes Council what it is!

Tuesday 7 May
12:00noon – 1:00pm

Transvale Square, Brougham Street Geelong

Who with?
ASU Branch Secretary, Lisa Darmanin
ASU Branch Executive President, Billy King
Geelong Trades Hall Secretary, Colin Vernon
ASU Organiser, Luke Cherry

Because things are broken and they need to be fixed, now!

We need ALL union members to come along and have your say (and a sausage on us) about what’s going wrong in Geelong.

The meeting is on unpaid time, and you have the right to attend this meeting. We encourage members to work with their supervisor/manager to ensure any impact on your work is minimised.

Insecure Work

We’ve seen more and more use of short term (particularly 12-month) contracts replacing permanent roles. Jobs like the Team Leader Construction role which WAS a permanent job, was advertised as a permanent job, but is NOW being re-advertised as a 12-month contract. WHY?!

We’ve seen a hold put on hiring permanent staff into home care jobs because of funding insecurity. There’s funding security now so why aren’t those agency workers being replaced with permanent jobs?

We’ve seen a worker who was made permanent then got sacked within 6 months with no rights to unfair dismissal despite working at CoGG for years! He lost his industrial rights because of the scourge of insecure work.

We’ve seen workers having to do two jobs at the same time because CoGG haven’t replaced the permanent role alongside them, risking their health and safety.

They tell us there is no issue. You tell us there is. We know who to believe!

Union Blocking

When the ASU asked for data on how many jobs were advertised as 12-month contracts in the last year, something any employer should know about their workforce, they told US to tell THEM where the 12-month jobs were!

ASU Branch Executive President Billy King met with CoGG CEO Martin Cutter, and all we got was a letter fobbing the issues off to the same Directors who had already failed to act.

CoGG tell us they need more information, but when the ASU tries to meet with members we get the run-around EVERY TIME. They won’t even allow monthly meetings with Delegates! This only seems to be a problem at CoGG, and when we point that out what do we get told? “Geelong is different.”

Stopping Camaraderie

Not only do staff feel senior management aren’t helping them, but when staff try to help each other senior management step in to stop that too!

We recently saw a fantastic display of worker solidarity when staff stepped up to help a fairly new staff member with a very sick kid by donating their sick leave so they could spend time with their loved ones and get through it.

At least they tried, until CoGG senior management interfered and capped the amount of leave that could be donated at a meagre 2 weeks!

Enough is enough, it’s time to push back!

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Luke Cherry | 0417 472 497 |

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