On Tuesday, members who had been stood down without pay by the City of Greater Geelong held an urgent teleconference to discuss what they wanted to do.

The message from those members is clear. Their stand down is not morally justifiable in the current climate. Members across the City of Greater Geelong are already campaigning to get these long serving staff members reinstated.

All members in all areas are encouraged to talk with each other about this news, and collectively contact management to tell them that the wrong decision has been made. We’d like to acknowledge our members in the Home Care space, who have already gotten together and done this.

Staff have also put together a comprehensive list of questions to management which will be delivered by your Industry Organiser, Luke Cherry, including the following questions:

  • Why has CoGG not investigated Government assistance?
  • Why was a compromise position not put to and discussed with staff?
  • Why were these long serving staff given one day of notice?
  • Will the CEO and Executive Managers be shouldering any of the burden during the crisis?
  • Why can’t money invested in projects like the $20 million Northern Arc project be redirected to staff wages?
  • What worthwhile work is being given to managers, given no staff will be there?

If you are impacted by these changes, we will be having another member link up next Tuesday at 5:30pm, so please contact your Campaign Organiser, Austin Fabry at afabry@asuvictas.com.au if you need an invite.

All members need to stick together to help each other get through this difficult time, and right now, all workers need to be a union member with you. Forward this email onto as many colleagues as you can, especially in the leisure areas, and encourage them to become a union member.

Solidarity and stay safe,
Austin Fabry and Luke Cherry.

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