The ASU will be running a number of work place meetings across Grampians Community Health. The focus of these meetings will be

  • Opportunity to meet with one of the organisers responsible for Social and Community Services
  • Opportunity to meet with Delegate Veronica Pascall, who has been instrumental in facilitating this round of meetings
  • The importance and benefits of being unionised
  • The success of the long fought and hard won Portable Long service leave campaign
  • Focus and campaign strategy in Social and community service moving forward
  • Update on the Change the rules Campaign
  • The status of EBA collective agreement.
  • An opportunity to have a broader discussion on workplace matters across Grampians Community Health

DATE: Thursday 21 March
TIME: 11am
VENUE: Horsham, Large Meeting Room

DATE: Thursday 21 March
TIME: 1pm
VENUE: Stawell, Sapphire Room

Please note: staff across other sites are welcome to attend any of these meetings.  In the event that you would like a meeting run at your work site please make contact on details below.

The ASU is looking forward to meeting you and laying the groundwork to ensure that the working culture at Grampians Community Health is one that respects and acknowledges your hard and important work. A unionised informed and active membership is the best way to secure a fair and decent working life, which is the foundation that secures a decent future for all.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Charlie Volpe | 0428 734 459 |

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