Your enterprise agreement has recently expired, and we will shortly be heading into negotiations. ASU organiser, Jay Madsen, will be involved in the negotiations on your behalf at Goulburn Valley Regional Library. You can contact Jay on 0427 690 431 or

In order for us to have a clear understanding of the improvement members are seeking, we will be having a meeting with staff

DATE: Tuesday 15 March
ONLINE Meeting:

 All staff are welcome for this preliminary discussion about your Log Of Claims. It is your opportunity to put forward the things that matter most to you and that you would like to see in your Enterprise Agreement.

We would ask that each member bring along at least 1 non member so that everybody has the opportunity to be involved.

Getting involved!

In preparation for the approaching negotiations, it is critical that we have delegates or contacts for each of the Branches.  This is very important in order to keep members up to date, collect and disseminate information and organise meetings, all of which will assist with the negotiation process.

You can join us on Zoom at 9am Tuesday 15 March here:

Jay will be in touch once we have compiled a log of claims for endorsement- so stay tuned for future meeting dates!

For more information please contact
ASU Organiser Jay Madsen | 0427 690 431 |

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