The ASU is regularly involved in the Fair Work Commission review process of Awards in our areas of coverage.

During a recent review of the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award a claim was advanced by the ASU and other Unions to vary the Award so that casual loadings are paid in addition to, rather than replaced by, overtime and weekend penalty rates.

After consideration of our claim The Fair Work Commission announced the welcome decision that all casuals working under the SCHDS Award should be paid their casual loading in addition to their overtime time and weekend penalty rates.

The ASU has been fighting for fair weekend and overtime rates since the SCHDS Award was created in 2009.

This is a huge win for ASU casual Social and Community Services workers, who until now have lost their casual rate when they work on the weekend or do long hours.

You can download the bulletin that went out to ASU Social and Community Services members to give them the good news.

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