Bayside and Darebin city councils are leaders in the delivery of aged care services and leaders in advocating for a continuing role for councils in aged care.

The ASU recently met with Darebin management and ASU delegate Eleanora Tamburini in response to the Age Friendly Darebin Final report.

Darebin intends to continue with present Commonwealth Home Support Program services until 2022 and are hopeful that service delivery beyond this date would be possible.

Darebin have been strongly advocating that federal government offers a further extension to block funding, DCC are proposing to run a trial in delivering home care packages.

A trial could commence during 2019/2020, and could also collect date on client experiences of transitioning from CHSP to packages.

The future of Assessment Services is still unclear with no news of the new assessment model available yet. DCC is exploring possibilities for tendering and is also encouraging the state government to continue its role in contracting these services to local Government.

ASU will continue to work closely with our members and DCC management in the coming months ahead and other stakeholders in seeking the best possible outcome for our members in HACC services.

The union also recently met with Bayside City Council management and ASU delegate Patrick Dunne and held an equally positive conversation about the future of aged care services.

It was great to hear that the ASU and Bayside share a common interest in keeping aged care service delivery in council, understanding its value on to the community and its workers.

Bayside has an older than average aging community that is passionate about council services.

Bayside is committed to making sure the residents who rely on these services continue to get the quality of service their support workers provide and remain concerned about the future of care in a deregulated environment.

The ASU will keep working with councils across Victoria, garnering council’s support for the commonwealth to maintain block funding.

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