As part of a broader insecure work campaign, the ASU has been reviewing the use of casual work at all Councils’ in the effort to ensure that casual staff who are eligible to convert to permanency have been offered conversion.

Recently we requested a report on the use of casual staff at Greater Shepparton City Council which found that there are over 340 casual workers. After reviewing working hours and start dates there appear to be over 140 casuals who may be eligible for conversion to permanent work.

Several log-term and newly joined members have sought ASU assistance and have now been successfully converted to permanent roles.

Our most recent successful conversion was for Stephanie who had been working consistent regular hours for over 6 months. As a result of the ASU pushing for conversion to be offered, Stephanie was offered permanent part-time work. However, the hours offered were much less than the hours she had previously been working. This seemed unfair and not in line with the requirements of the Enterprise Agreement.

The ASU continued discussions with management around Stephanie’s specific situation and hours she was seeking, which led to the ASU and Council coming to an agreement that Stephanie was very happy with.

We are aware that Council has given letters to casual staff who are eligible, however, the hours you have been offered may not be consistent with the hours previously worked. If you believe you are eligible and haven’t been given a letter, please get in touch.

We will keep fighting for workers rights and continue our efforts in reducing insecure work as we have for casual workers at Shepparton.

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For further information please contact: 
ASU Organiser Hayley Davies | 0428 161 681 |

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