Standing together, engaging your union, and having dedicated delegates and members, can make positive changes in the workplace according to ASU delegate Helen Ferguson

Members at Star Health’s Inkerman St site recently learned of major changes to their roles that would include moving to a new site.

The changes had the potential to impacts on member’s ability to perform their existing roles, so they sought union office intervention.

The ASU initiated a formal dispute resolution process and made sure Star Health considered ASU member’s feedback and request for alterations to the pending changes.

With a united front and an organised approach, ASU members got the changes they wanted for members and their clients.

Further embedding the influence of ASU members, Star Health has also agreed to establish a consultation committee on location planning for the future, with 2 ASU nominated representatives.

The experience of workers at Star Health shows being an ASU member puts workers in a much better position to have a say around changes in their workplace.

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