Glenorchy City Council is currently considering the introduction of a GPS Management System for Vehicles and Plant.

The ASU requested to be a part of the working group which has been formed to discuss this proposed introduction of GPS.

The working group is made up of management, the ASU and health & safety representatives (HSRs). At the meetings held to date, we have discussed the pros and cons of introducing a GPS Management System, the Consultation requirements and best practice in relation to the use and format of information produced.

Council has been offered a free trial by a couple of GPS suppliers and intends to conduct a 60 day trial on a range of vehicles and plant with a view to checking the capabilities of the systems as opposed to the cost of the system.

As work health and safety is one of the reasons for the proposed introduction of GPS, it is a requirement of WH&S legislation that the Employer consults with the whole workforce prior to introduction.  The ASU will ensure that Council is kept accountable and consults with the entire workforce prior to any introduction.

Additionally, the ASU has advised the working group that the proposed introduction of GPS and accompanying policy would need to be taken to, and approved through, the Joint Consultative Committee.  Management has also advised that the GPS will not be used for disciplinary purposes and that this will be clearly stated in the accompanying policy.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Karen Tantari | 0472 512 484 |

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