Congratulations to all those members who participated in a Stop Work meeting.

Following the message YOU sent to Council, a member of Council’s Executive has been appointed to the next meeting. ASU members want to see a fair and reasonable offer put to employees sooner rather than later. We remain ready to meet.

Many who attended were disappointed to find the Mayor, Alderman and General Manager performing a Christmas dance on the lawns rather than speaking with them. The General Manager nor a single member of the Executive has turned up to any Enterprise Bargaining meetings to date.

With Christmas approaching, workers’ wages remain frozen. This hurts their household budgets and the communities they spend their money in.

Since the last wage increase was paid to employees in May 2019, the GM has signed a new confidential contract and the Mayor and Alderman have been awarded approx. 4.3% in wage increases.

Amongst other things, we are concerned Council has not presented a real wage offer; not detailed responses to claims around superannuation or allowances; not addressed the use of insecure employment; advised they wish to cap redundancy entitlements at 52 weeks, and want to remove the Employee Support Benefit and Study Fees Reimbursement from the EA.

Remember, the Enterprise Agreement was due for re-negotiation from April and since then Council has delayed Enterprise Bargaining. The union took the matter to Fair work and won your right to bargain.

Council has had ample opportunity to consider and respond to the claims. It is time for Council to stop delaying.

Rather than rely on Council’s minutes to the workforce, we encourage you to share this message with your colleagues. While you are at it encourage them to join the ASU.

Have a safe and enjoyable break.

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