Your Enterprise Agreement (EA) is now in place.

ASU members ran a VOTE NO CAMPAIGN, however, ultimately the vote was accepted via a YES VOTE from 66% of voters or a total of 52% of the workforce. 78% of all employees voted.

It was close; some will be satisfied, others disappointed. We must respect the decision and work together to ensure the conditions members won are honoured.

We didn’t win everything. You missed out on back pay and improvements around job security and much more our members strongly advocated for.

However, we must celebrate what we did achieve. We protected performance salary increments against Council’s wage freeze and we won the right to bargain at Fair Work. We grew our membership strength by 25% and members participated in Industrial Action, improving Council’s offer.

MEMBERS WIN: Click here for a flyer with more detail, print and display it in your workplace!

  • Paid Parental leave for the first time at Glenorchy City Council.
  • A $500 annual payment for workers dealing regularly with adverse or objectionable conditions.
  • An expanded immediate family definition for improved access to leave entitlements.
  • Better recognition for workers who work on Good Friday or Christmas Day.
  • New or increased allowances including Adverse conditions, Waste, WHS reps, Fire Warden’s, On-Call rates, Meal allowances and more.
  • Superannuation paid on periods of paid parental leave and workers compensation.
  • Inclusion of the rest break in the EA for Schedule C employees.
  • Communicable diseases leave for Early Educator’s.

It pays to be union. Know your rights at work. Keep at hand the Glenorchy City Council Enterprise Agreement 2021.

For further information please contact: Your ASU Delegate or
ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570

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