It’s here! The voting period for your Enterprise Agreement has commenced and will remain open up until Friday night (30 April).

The ASU reminds all employees to vote NO, every vote matters

It’s important that you take the time to vote and select NO. It’s also critical to talk to staff about it. Every single vote is important.

Please print and display this notice in your work area today!

Why Vote No
Whilst we have agreement on some ASU claims, Council is putting a not-agreed EA out to a vote that doesn’t meet the standards members consistently voted for in our meetings. This is your EA and will cover your pay and conditions. VOTE NO to get back to bargaining for an improved offer.

Reasons why the ASU encourages you to vote NO on this ballot:

  • VOTE NO for backpay in recognition of Council’s wage freeze to May 2020
  • VOTE NO for job security and limits to the use of labour-hire
  • VOTE NO for fair contracts that reflect the hours employees work
  • VOTE NO to protect higher duties payments
  • VOTE NO to pursue ASU claims around allowances
  • VOTE NO to protect future employees conditions

For more detailed information on the status of all ASU claims in this offer, you can view the ASU Log Tracker here.

We recommend all members carefully read the new Enterprise Agreement and the Summary of Key Changes distributed by Council.

If we win the No Vote…
Then we need to continue bargaining in good faith – this does not mean starting from scratch. We are confident members would likely accept an improved offer that considers the issues above.

How to Vote
All employees are eligible to vote. You will have received voting instructions from Council.

As always, the ASU is By Your Side
Ask a co-worker to join the ASU at

To keep up with ASU Local Government news across Tasmania, you can join the Tasmanian Local Government Employees Facebook Group.

For further information please contact
ASU Organiser Samantha Batchelor | | 0459 228 612

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