Position Description Changes
Have you been presented with changes to your Position Description and Duties? You should always be consulted about changes to your position description.

As a general rule, employers can ask an employee to perform duties for which you are qualified/have the skills and experience to undertake, however, they must pay you the appropriate amount for the work being performed or, in the case where the work is classified at a lower rate, the rate which you are normally paid.

If the changes are so substantial that the role has changed significantly, it may also indicate that your position is being considered redundant.

Unsure about a change to your PD? Speak to your delegate or call your union for support.

Personal Mobile Device Usage Policy
For some, the option to use a personal device will be welcomed. For others, it will create financial implications or raise concerns on privacy/work-life balance.

It has been clarified that contrary to the last version of the Mobile Phone Directive, payments for use of personal phones for work purposes will be (or have been) made as a taxable allowance (rather than a non-taxable reimbursement).

The ASU strongly encourages all staff considering moving to use of their personal phone for work purposes, to seek financial advice on the implications beforehand.

You can seek the assistance of your ASU Delegate or Organiser if you are being compelled to use a personal device that would negatively impact you financially or be problematic to you for another reason.

ASU Delegates- Who’s who
Delegates work alongside you to support you with union matters. They can refer you to the ASU where additional support is required.

Stefan Johns, Willie Joseph

Depot | Scott Bransden, Leonard Richards, Pete Smith
Landfill | Allan Hills, Peter Moore

The last few months have seen workers face challenges of job security, income, protection of entitlements and occupational health and safety. The ASU has and always will be by your side.

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