Glenorchy City Council continue to freeze wages and delay Enterprise Bargaining
Glenorchy City Council continues to maintain their position to unilaterally freeze wages and delay enterprise bargaining without enabling employees a vote on the matter.

Glenorchy is one of only a handful of Councils’ who are seeking to freeze the wages of their workers.

On behalf of members, the ASU has lodged an application with the Fair Work Commission to hear a dispute concerning the matter. The purpose of this dispute is to seek usual employer/employee negotiations around pay and conditions to commence as is provided for in your current enterprise agreement.

Freezing wages will not significantly change the budget line but it will hurt hundreds of employees household budgets and the communities in which they live, work and spend. Most working people rely on and spend the money they earn.

Click here for access to a factsheet outlining ASU member opposition to Glenorchy City Councils’ position.

Performance Reviews & Salary Increases—UNION WIN
On 26 May 2020, the ASU wrote to Glenorchy City Council and notified them that applying a freeze on performance-related salary increases was in contravention of the Agreement, specifically Clause 12.3, ‘Classification Progression’.

On 10 June 2020, Council’ retracted their intention to freeze performance-related salary increments. Council’s intent to freeze annual salary increases remains in place.

Council have advised the ASU that performance reviews have now been conducted in line with their obligations under the Agreement, and audited to ensure no-one was disadvantaged as a result of the confusion created during the backflip.

If you believe you have been disadvantaged, you can contact your ASU Delegate or Organiser for assistance in seeking a review.

The last few months have seen workers face challenges of job security, income, protection of entitlements and occupational health and safety. The ASU has and always will be by your side.

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