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Residential Aged Care Update
The ASU and the ANMF recently attended a Consultative Committee meeting at the City of Glen Eira. At this meeting, management representatives provided an update on the next steps in the proposed sale of the Spurway, Rosstown and Wirrawee Residential Aged Care facilities.

Council has received a number of Expressions of Interest and once these are assessed, it is possible the next step will be a public tender process. Details and timelines for this process are yet to be announced by Council.

Residential Aged Care employees were provided with additional information at briefings held in April. This document, provided for the information of ASU members, can be downloaded here.

Disciplinary Policy
At the same Consultative Committee Meeting, unions were advised that management has been working on a revised draft ‘disciplinary policy’ and that this proposed policy will be tabled at the next Consultative Committee Meeting This is an important work-related issue and, no doubt, this will generate a lot of discussion and debate in coming months.

ASU Delegates
For information, workplace assistance or advice, please contact one of your ASU delegates listed below:

  • Sean Aberle (Caulfield Park)
  • John Celantano (Caulfield Park)
  • Sheree Martin (Moorabbin Depot)
  • Edwina Kay (Community Development & Care)
  • Gisela Ness (Community Development & Care)
  • Michael Feaver (Caulfield Park)
  • Kathryn Chapman (Caulfield Park)

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