ASU officials and delegates met with Glen Eira recently about council’s proposal to rollover your enterprise agreement, more info on that proposal here.

The ASU presented a position combining members’ and other feedback from recent meetings and surveys conducted by the union. We stated that overall a strong majority of members would not accept the current rollover offer. The alternate 12-month rollover position tabled on behalf of members is as follows:

  • $30/week pay increase or 1.5%, whichever is greater
  • Additional time/leave to be granted, as acknowledgment for working in difficult circumstances during the pandemic, ,as put forward by various work groups:
    • Depots (GlenWorks and Parks & Gardens): 0.9 hours, full time pay
    • In Home Support: 20 min paid tea breaks
    • Hallkeepers/FSOs: penalty rates for weekend work to be fixed
    • Libraries/Aged Acre Resi/Child Care/Indoor: ex gratia leave or decrease hours worked for same pay
  • Gender Equality model clauses, reflecting Glen Eira’s representation on the Gender Equality Advisory Committee

At the meeting, we included the consistent disappointment that different work groups relayed to the union about their experiences in the organisation over the last 12 months or so, during the pandemic. The ASU emphasised members’ feedback regarding other expectations flowing from the offer including a commitment from council that an offer in 12-months needs to be back in line with pay rises members have typically received; that if members take a cut now, expectation is there of improved offers in “better” times; and of job security.

The bargaining group will meet again on Wednesday 9 June and expect to receive a response to our position then. We will provide an update after that.

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