The ASU bargaining group met with Glen Eira this week about the proposed rollover enterprise agreement. Council originally put an offer of 1.5% for a one-year agreement, commencing 1 July 2021. We previously sought that a dollar amount for lower paid workers be included and came back to this meeting this week seeking that the dollar amount offer be increased. Accordingly, council updated their offer from $18.50/week to $20/week.

This means Band 4D and below receive $20/week, and Band 5A and above receive 1.5% increase.

ASU delegates and officials met and discussed the increased offer. Drawing on member feedback from the last round of member meetings and consultation have agreed to accept the offer in principle, and this has been communicated to council.

As a condition on this – the union bargaining group has sought clarification on finalising the consolidation process of Part A and B of the current EA, gender equality clause wording and compliance changes to occur to the rollover so it passes Fair Work Commission approval.

A formal vote will still need to be conducted, these details are to come.

ASU members got a better outcome because they stood together.

We are always stronger when we are united. Chat to a workmate who is not yet a member of our union about the importance of joining the ASU. It’s easy for anyone to join online at

We’re stronger when we stand together.

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