ASU delegates & officials meet each month, before meeting with management at the Consultative Committee, to discuss issues raised by members. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday the 24 November.

Agenda items include the DRAFT Disciplinary Policy, Residential Aged Care (monthly updates), and Parking Fines for Employees.

A Draft Disciplinary Policy was tabled last month with feedback to be provided by the unions at the November meeting. This draft policy can be downloaded here

This is an important policy, which your union has provided advice to the GECC on and now we need members to provide and feedback or comments to your union representatives ASAP.

Please feel free to contact ASU Delegates to raise any issues you have with the Draft Disciplinary Policy or any other concerns you might have. Issues can then be discussed when ASU delegates meet.

Your ASU Delegates are

  • Sheree Martin (Moorabbin Depot)
  • Kathryn Chapman (Parks & Gardens)
  • Sean Aberle (Parks & Gardens)
  • John Celantano (Parks & Gardens)
  • Michael Feaver (Parks & Gardens)
  • Gisela Ness (Community Development & Care)
  • Edwina Kay (Community Development & Care)

Stronger Together: encourage your workmates and colleagues to join the ASU.  It is easy for anyone who is not yet a member to join online at

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser David Nunns | 0418 856 495 |

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