The ASU has been continuing its campaign to ensure Mayor Wisby ceases to act in ways contrary to the Councillors’ Code of Conduct and the Local Government Act. We have been pursuing a number of avenues since we last updated members and some members may have seen some news coverage in the last few days detailing our latest attempts to ensure her compliance.

Our members health and safety is at the heart of this campaign. Mayor Wisby is personally responsible for the resignation of many staff at Council as well as the damage caused to countless employees’ mental wellbeing.

We have now written to the Mayor in relation to her involvement in the Christmas bonuses, which is again potentially in breach of the Local Government Act as well as the Anti-Discrimination Act.

We continue to push for the Minister to step in and ensure your safety and that of others in the workplace and we will continue to make these representations on your behalf until such time as the situation improves.

We understand that the code of conduct process is woefully inadequate and not fit for purpose. We will be asking the Minister to include the code of conduct process in the scope of his current review of the Local Government Act in the hopes that this allows for some improvements to be made.

We will be writing to the Minister asking him to establish a Board of Inquiry, the first step in the Minster intervening. We would ask that the Minister’s Inquiry investigate the claims of individual employees, Councillors and members of the public in relation to the Mayor’s misconduct and breaches of legislation.

Rest assured that we are working in the interests of all of our members and will continue to put pressure on those with the ability to make the wholesale change needed to bring about the change that you all need to see in your council.

Please feel free to review the media coverage of this matter from this week at the following links.

ABC Online – 14 January 2020
Glamorgan Spring Bay Mayor denies harassment claims amid calls for council to be put into administration

The Mercury Newspaper – 16 January 2020
Council to meet over mayor bullying claim
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