Your union has been advised that Glamorgan Spring Bay Council have written to you with the intent to put an administrative increase and proposed rollover of your current Enterprise Agreement (EA) to a vote of employees.

As you are aware the Council approached the union in February advising of the desire to roll over the current conditions of the Enterprise Agreement for an additional 12 months with an offer of an administrative increase of $30 per week.  This was always going to be YOUR decision and as was resolved by members at the March meeting the ASU counter offer was provided to Council.

Council have advised the ASU that the counter offer will not be accepted, but have revised their offer to:

  • An administrative salary increase of $32.00 per week from 1 July 2021 with a 12months extension of the existing Enterprise Agreement.
  • In respect of the classification requests, Council have offered to develop a working party in 6 months time in readiness for the next Enterprise Agreement negotiations.

The decision is now in your hands.

If the majority Vote YES – Council’s offer will be taken as accepted and bargaining will not commence until early 2022.

If the majority Vote NO – the ASU will write to Council and the Fair Work Commission, if necessary, to enact your legal right to commence Enterprise Bargaining.

If you would like to discuss this further you can contact ASU Organiser Sam Batchelor on or 0459 228 612.

If feedback is not received, the ASU intend to let the matter proceed to a vote and will respect and act on the outcome of the majority vote.

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