Gippsland Water EA negotiations will resume on Thursday 21 January 2021.

Our main focus on your behalf is career progression. We know that people are loyal and work for decades at Gippsland Water.

It should not take decades (20+ years) to reach the midpoint of the classification structure.

Your work is busier than ever and the business is growing. It’s only fair that you have a share in this growth.

The issue we are raising is that it literally takes decades to move through a band structure which does not reward your commitment or recognise your value.

State government policy sets wages at 2%. The policy also encourages recognition of innovation. We are working on improving conditions.

At this stage we have secured;

  • Superannuation on paid parental leave
  • Increase for parental leave for adoption
  • Allow more flexible working arrangements

We are pushing for a clause to protect you all in regard to the use of GPS, cameras and recordings. These and future technologies ought to be for safety and training, not disciplinary purposes.

Our plan is to secure improvement to your career progression and then have a vote on the Agreement.

The Gippsland Water bargaining committee submitted 49 log of claims of these there are still 30 logs outstanding which we wish to Pursue. 12 logs have been withdrawn and 7 items have had an outcome.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Cindy O’Connor |

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