Over the past few weeks the ASU have been trying to get your council to provide us with details about their plans for the shared services proposal.  Despite our efforts not one of the council CEOs have responded to us.

We have now given them until the close of business next Monday to provide us with the details we’ve asked for or we’ll take them to the Fair Work commission for failure to consult.

We have been receiving some info from delegates that their councils have sent to all staff. It’s really helpful to get this.  Please keep sending it through as you get it to Branch Coordinator, Leon Wiegard lwiegard@asuvictas.com.au

We understand that there will be discussions / decisions about this that are going to be held at council meetings at the four councils and we expect the councils to inform your union about their plans prior to these council meetings.

We have also again been in touch with the Ministers office about this to see if we can get any pressure applied from them.

Your jobs are vital to your council and to your community.  The ASU stand by you in the fight to keep quality jobs at your council.

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