Groups For Members

ASU members are the union.

Listed below are a number of member driven and initiated groups that have formed out of a common interest or issue. The ASU encourages the involvement of members at every level, contact the Member Contact Centre if you have an idea for a group.

HACC Delegates Network

Victoria’s councils are the largest public sector provider of home care services. Collectively, they provide an annual 4.6 million hours of care, 1.8 million meals to home care recipients and employ approximately 7000 staff with roughly 90% being women. The local government home care workforce is stable, with well-trained and experienced workers who are committed to providing quality services.

HACC delegates meet every two months to discuss issues of interest to the Local Government HACC industry. Becoming a part of this netowrk is a great way to connect with other delegates within home and community care.

HACC Delegates Network Agenda - April

Social and Community Services Delegates Committee

SACS Delegates meet on a monthly basis to discuss industrial matters of concern and interest to the Social and Community Services Sector. These issues currently include pay and conditions and campaigns such as portability of long service leave and the 'Equal Pay' campaign.

Becoming a part of SACS Delegates Committee is a great way to get your point of view across as well as hearing what is happening on the ground in other parts of the SACS sector. It is also a wonderful way to learn more about what the ASU is doing and how it operates. Now with two committees operating, Metro and Penninsula.

All ASU SACS members are welcome to attend. Contact our admin team for details on meeting information.

SACS Member Support Netowrk Agenda - August

Family Violence Network Agenda - June

SACS Child Youth & Family Services Network Agenda - May

SACS Ballarat Region Network Agenda - May

SACS Metro Agenda - April

Family Violence Network Agenda - March

SACS Child Youth & Family Services Network Agenda - March

Homelessness and Housing Network Agenda - April

Water Delegates Network

Water Delegate Network Agenda - February 

Water Delegate Network Agenda - November

Water Delegates Network Terms of Reference

GLAM (Gay and Lesbian ASU Members)

A network of members pursuing workers rights to a safe and inclusive workplace. Join in the fun of Midsumma, Pride March and Mardi Gras where GLAM is a regular and active participant. For more information email or phone 03 9342 3400.

Library Liaison Group

This is an active group of members who meet on a regular basis to discuss all aspects of working lives in libraries operated by councils. The group also runs training forums on pertinent occupational health and safety issues such as manual handling. Meetings are held regularly at the ASU Offices, if you'd like information contact

Women's Network

Want information on family friendly policies, ASU Women’s Conference, affirmative action, equal opportunity and other issues affecting women? Contact the Member Contact Centre on 1300 855 570 and get your hands on the latest edition of 'First Priority' the ASU women's publication.

Women's Network Agenda - April

VTHC Young Unionists Network

This network is auspiced by the Victorian Trades Hall Council, the central organisation in Victoria for representing workers' issues to the public and governments.

The network hopes to get young activists involved in cross-union campaigns and also to provide outreach to young workers and students about their rights at work.

Visit the VTHC Young Unionists Network website for more information.