Get involved

Unions are not charities and their resources are subject to the number of members they have. Strength is found in the commitment of the membership. Throughout history members have had to organise, campaign and fight for every entitlement that people sometimes take for granted. Union achievments such as sick leave, annual leave, penalty rates and public holidays weren't handed out on a platter. You're part of a collective that worked hard for those rights. We're proud but not complacent. Many of our hard-fought conditions are regularly at risk. There are many thousands of vulnerable workers in casual jobs, daily violations of occupational health and safety laws and employers trying to minimise costs at the expense of workers. So what can you do?

Being active in the ASU

  • Becoming an ASU delegate is a very rewarding role that allows you to work towards positive change within your workplace. If you're interested contact the MCC.
  • There are numerous groups within the ASU that you can join.
  • Support our campaigns. From sending a message of support to dancing at a rally. We'll let you know what's coming up.
  • Keep an eye on ASU events, they're a fabulous networking opportunity and a chance to meet fellow members across industries.