Did you know that your union is working to make workplaces safer for transgender workers? The ASU has developed a model gender transition clause for members and delegates to use during bargaining, and we’re giving all members an opportunity to learn about it.

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What is a Gender Transition clause

When a transgender person begins living openly as their gender, it’s broadly referred to as ‘transitioning’. This can involve social changes, like presenting differently and asking people to use a new name or pronoun, legal document changes, and medical treatment. Transition can involve different things for different people, it can be a really stressful period and takes up a lot of time. Many transgender people feel compelled to resign from their workplace just before or just after coming out, due to fear of how their employer and colleagues will react. Transgender people who do remain in their workplace often have to use annual leave to manage appointments related to their transition, or they scale back the amount of days they work.

As a union, we do not believe anyone should lose work for living as their true selves. The gender transition clause lays out what an employer is required to do to support transgender workers. It includes processes around name changes, inclusion training, and access to transition leave.

ASU Gender Transition Workshop

Date: Thursday 12 November
10.00am – 1.00pm
Register Here:

Do you know anyone in your workplace who would be interested in learning about supporting transgender people at work? Make sure they know about the ASU workshop and forward them this email.

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