The Gender Equality Act 2020 requires certain employers, including councils to take positive action towards achieving workplace gender equality.

Employers also have a duty to consult with all levels of employees, in line with the collaborative spirit of the legislation.

The ASU represents workers’ interests in a range of forums and advocates broadly for local government workers across the industry. This includes the Gender Equality Advisory Committee which advises the Minister for Local Government and Minister for Women. We are curious how the Gender Equality Act is being implemented.

To get a snapshot of this we have designed a short 2-minute survey and need to hear from you! This information will be used to ensure that the Act is being implemented as it’s intended.

Please complete the survey and then share it on with other workers in your workplace!

Responses will be kept confidential, and only collective and deidentified information will be used.

The survey is open for two weeks.

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