Happy New Year!

Over the Christmas and early January period, your ASU delegates have been hard at work finalising the drafting of the enterprise agreement. The enterprise agreement will be distributed to all staff as part of the official access period next week.

Voting for the new enterprise agreement will commence Monday 24th and conclude on Monday 31st January. The vote is taking place online but a physical mail out will be conducted for outdoor workers with information as to how to vote. If you haven’t received information about how you can vote, by Monday 24 January, please contact an ASU delegate for assistance.

It’s important that you vote in this ballot and have your say. For an enterprise agreement to be approved by the Fair Work Commission, it must be voted up by workers first.

You are encouraged to read through the material and understand how the enterprise agreement changes affect you.

Key highlights the ASU secured through bargaining include:

Wage increases:
Year 1: 2.3%
Year 2: 2%
Year 3: 2%

  • Introduction of 2D pay point for Band 2 Community Care Workers.
  • Improved and increased allowances
  • New Right to Disconnect clause to allow workers to disengage from work and not answer calls and emails outside hours or on days off.
  • Increased parental leave from 14 to 16 weeks and provision of paid leave for IVF appointments
  • Increased secondary carer leave from 3 to 6 weeks.
  • Superannnuation to be paid on full 52 weeks of parental leave, including periods of unpaid primary parental leave

You can download a guide to how the pay increases may apply to your work area and classification here.

Please contact your ASU delegate if you’d like more information.

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