The ASU has been notified by TasWater of further preliminary decisions made under the Retail Value Creation Program. These preliminary decisions will impact on TasWater employees within the Centralised Administration Services Team (CAST), Counter & Correspondence and Contact Centre Teams.

TasWater has made preliminary decisions to:

  • disband CAST with redeployment of CAST employees to either TasWater’s Development Services Department or into the new Customer and Business Services (C&BS) Team in Service Delivery. Redeployment will be based on required skill and experience.
  • rename Counter & Correspondence (C&C) Team to Customer & Business Services (C&BS) and incorporate Trade Waste & Service Delivery activities received from CAST, as well as existing counter & correspondence activities and existing information management officer related activities. C&C team employees to be redeployed into the new C&BS team in Service Delivery based on required skill and experience.

The ASU understands that if a definite decision is reached on the above, then TasWater proposes to undertake initial matching assessments, with existing PD’s being abolished and replaced with new PD’s within the new departments. Direct appointments would then be made when matched based on skill set requirements of the new roles.

In addition, TasWater has also advised that functional changes within the Contact Centre will impact on required staffing levels which in turn will be managed in alignment with fixed term roles.

TasWater will be commencing a consultation process with employees who will potentially be impacted by the proposed changes as a result.

The ASU understands that if they are implemented, the changes that are proposed will have a significant impact on a number of TasWater Teams.

Any queries, please contact ASU Organiser Karen Tantari on 0472 512 484 or via or ASU Tasmanian Co-ordinator Kath Ryman on 0429 004 237 or via

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