The ASU Career Launchpad is your exclusive member-only professional development program.

The Career Launchpad will help you take the next step in your career and manage the changes we are all facing through the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have live webinars and on-demand training in categories relevant to boosting your career and managing challenges

  • COVID-19
  • Launch into leadership
  • Boost your skills
  • Ignite your IT skills
  • Work shouldn’t hurt
  • Fire up your finances
  • Launch your next career move

Upcoming Live Webinars
Working from home has been a tough adjustment for a lot of people. The change happened suddenly and most of us weren’t prepared.  It also raises lots of questions.

So coming up on Wednesday 6 May, for one session only, is the COVID-19 Working from Home Webinar for ASU Members.

Expert presenter Angela Olanda will help answer all of these questions and provide some solid tips and tricks for making working from home, work for you.

Other live webinars in May include

Leading Change Management
Tue 12 May (day session): click here to register

Introduction to Strategic Planning
Thu 28 May (night session): click here to register

How to Deal With Issues or Complaints at Work
Mon 25 May (night session): click here to register

Cyber Security & Protecting Your Information Online
Mon 11 May (night session): click here to register

If you haven’t activated your ASU Career Launchpad account yet – go to and enter your email address we’ve sent this email to.

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