As part of the insecure work campaign by the ASU, we have been reviewing the use of casual employees across Victorian council’s. This is to ensure casual employees who are eligible to convert to full time or part time job, do so.

The ASU was approached by a workplace delegate notifying us of casual employees who had been employed in their positions for longer than 12 months. These same casuals weren’t given the opportunity to progress through the increment levels of their banding, which they should have. After receiving our letter Frankston council have committed to reviewing working hours and start dates for these employees. We have provided further details of others who may have been overlooked.

Council also gave commitment of writing to all casuals in the next few weeks detailing the process of casual conversion to a permanent/part time position.

If you’re a casual employee who has worked a consistent regular roster for 12 months (or more) you may be eligible to convert to permanent/part time position and a performance review. This is in line with the requirements of the Frankston City Council Enterprise Agreement.

This issue came about only because our delegate and members raised the issue. If this is you or you know of someone who is similarly affected, please pass this on to them.

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