Frankston City council have recently announced they will be standing down 18 staff from their libraries.

This is a disappointing decision given many libraries across the state have identified the valuable work these staff can contribute to their communities.

The ASU maintains the position that no workers should be stood down.

In the event there are no redeployment opportunities, employees should still be paid in full by their employer and supported in this difficult time. Frankston Council has offered to pay staff-only part of their wage with a ‘Job Maintenance Payment’ program.

They have also failed to consult properly and there are many issues that further disadvantage staff long term. It will impact their leave balance, their superannuation and the requirement to use the existing COVID leave first will put everyone’s safety at risk when staff do return to work.

This is not in line with many other Councils who are doing the right thing (including Wyndham, Monash and Whittlesea) and continuing to support their workers even when they are unable to continue working because of restrictions.

We simply cannot have a situation whereby some of our lowest-paid workers at council that cannot work from home are unable to pay their bills, rent or feed their families.

If you have impacted by stand-downs at Frankston Council or have concerns, please contact:
ASU Member Contact Centre | or
ASU Organiser Elspeth Cridland |

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