Your ASU representatives met with FCC management for the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting on 24 October 2019. ASU tabled the following agenda items:

  • HSR audits
  • GPS policy
  • Enterprise agreement vote

FCC CEO spoke on the survey results that were recently published and advised that the next survey would be by April 2020. ASU expressed concern that the JCC participants were not being consulted and therefore not having input into the questions and results.  It was agreed that council would share the information with the JCC.

ASU requested an audit of Health and Safety Representatives and the Designated Work Groups within FCC as well as details on when the last elections and training were held.

Council have agreed to provide this.

With ongoing concern regarding the use of GPS data, ASU requested that a policy be developed as a matter of priority and that all vehicles immediately be fitted with stickers clearly identifying that a device is being used in the vehicle. Agreement by council was given.

In addition to the above the issue of car parking at the library was discussed. Council has previously stated that a review will be held in January 2020. ASU requested that this be prioritised as January is fast approaching so consultation should begin as soon as possible.  Given the safety and financial implications on ASU members, your representatives insisted on being included in the consultation.

A request was made for details on why back pay was being staggered. Council stated this was because the back pay was different for each individual however they believe it will all be paid before the final date.

At the last JCC discussion was had regarding wet weather gear for School Crossing Supervisors.

Council advised at this meeting that ponchos have been ordered and each Supervisor will receive 6 each.  ASU also reminded FCC of their obligation to Supervisors for working in hot weather. Council advised that a reminder went out at the end of term newsletter regarding hot weather safety.

If you have any items you think should be discussed at the next JCC please speak to a Delegate.

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