Yesterday ASU members at Frankston City Council met and unanimously voted to support a no vote campaign for the proposed agreement.

There are 4 key issues that members have overwhelmingly advised they cannot accept:

  • FCC refusing to backdate the wage increase to 1 April 2019
  • FCC showing total disregard to the lowest-paid workers at council and refusing to increase the wage percentage for bands 1-3
  • FCC refusing to provide certainty for those members who currently have parking provided
  • FCC implementing a limit on the Christmas shutdown period with some weekend workers now disadvantaged.

In a shameful move, today FCC further showed their blatant disregard to their employees by issuing a FAQ memo that contained some dubious information.

Here are the facts;

  •       What happens if there is a successful no vote?

It is unbelievable that in their desperation to get you to vote yes for their agreement FCC management would threaten you with retribution if you don’t. 

Contrary to what FCC has stated bargaining does not commence again and the unions do not submit another log of claims. FCC is within their right technically to withdraw their offer however this is unlikely. Employers often make this claim and rarely follow through. Why withdraw what was rejected only to make a worse offer? ASU would challenge whether this is in line with the Good Faith Bargaining principles, also members can be assured that should FCC try such a stunt the ASU would call immediate member meetings and proceed to take a vote for a Protected Action Ballot Order.

  •       Backdating of the wage offer to 1 April 2019.

The ASU has never claimed backdating to 1 April 2019 AND a lower first increase of 2.2%. At every meeting where wages were discussed, it was made clear by your bargaining team that this would never be acceptable. It wasn’t then and it isn’t now. The facts are that FCC has form in this area. For the last 2 agreements, they have deliberately delayed wage increases by several months. Robbing their employees of a timely wage increase and pocketing the profits of the delay!

  •       Christmas shutdown

Yet another incorrect statement by FCC. It is not true that the Christmas shutdown was previously specific to the three weekdays between the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day public holidays. The current agreement specifies that all staff are entitled to be absent from work for this entire period, including weekends, without loss of leave entitlements. Council has previously acknowledged this. The proposed new version would limit this leave to any three days in total over the five days from December 27th to December 31st. This means that if you work more than three days a week and your roster includes weekends, you would have to either take annual leave days or work during some of the Christmas / New Year shut down. The proposed change does not add an entitlement for some workers, as Council’s email claims. In fact, it takes away an entitlement from some weekend workers.

  •       Parking arrangements

This is another erosion of entitlements. Current employees who have access to parking free of charge have been advised that this is being reviewed and FCC have given an indication that they intend to remove that provision. FCC has refused to negotiate this in bargaining. The move away from providing parking will see some members out of pocket, effectively negating a part of any wage increase.

  •       The FCC memo contained the wrong commencement date for the voting.

Unbelievably FCC couldn’t even get the correct commencement date of the vote in their memo. Voting commences Monday 16 September not 19th September as stated.

Ask yourself if an employer who values their employees would threaten and coerce their employees into a yes vote. If the answer is no and you believe the deal that is on the table is unfair then you must vote no!

If members stand together on this we can get them back to the negotiation table but as members, you need to speak to every one of your colleagues and have them do the same.

With a resounding no vote we can show them that intimidation tactics won’t work and the only way for FCC to get a yes vote is to put a fair offer on the table.

Want to get the best outcomes possible in your EA?

  • Pass this on to a non-member and ask them to join the ASU now

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