Over the last month your EA Negotiations have come to a stand-still due to the resignation of Russell Joiner.

We re-commenced negotiations on Thursday 16 May 2019 with Fran Boyd taking Russell’s place at the table.

Frankston Council have also engaged the services of David Tozer from Meerkin & Apel to assist the management team.

During our last meeting management indicated to the committee that they may be tabling a new Log of Claims.

At the beginning of negotiations all parties tabled a Log of Claims, including the management team. It is concerning that Council’s position could change simply because one of their representatives leaves the organisation. Your union representatives will be carefully reviewing any amended log of claims, to ensure Council continues to demonstrate good faith bargaining. If there are substantial changes to the log, the ASU would be concerned that council are bringing new Claims to the table which could cause unnecessary delay to negotiations.

The last meeting was completely none productive as the new management representatives requested that the rest of the committee explain their Logs of Claims, again.

Your current EA has already expired on 31 March 2019 and management’s inability to continue the negotiation process smoothly has contributed to a delay of approximately six weeks.

We will update you on council’s new position after our next meeting Thursday 30 May 2019.

Now is the time to encourage your workmates to join the union and get behind us during bargaining.

For further information please contact:
ASU Organiser Megan Adams | madams@asuvictas.com.au
The ASU Member Contact Centre | 1300 855 570

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